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Nevada Guardian Services, LLC focuses on meeting the needs of the client. We believe that every person deserves a chance to live his or her life at the highest functional level in the least restrictive environment possible. To ensure this, we work with the client, their family, and their current support system to provide services that are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. It is a delicate balance to maintain the client’s independence while providing a safe living environment.

We offer resources and options to provide support for family members faced with the responsibility of obtaining assistance for a loved one. Proactive planning for someone you care about can help prevent emergencies and accidents, and may even avoid the need for guardianship, while accessing benefits that may be available to pay for care. Our staff includes registered guardians with the National Guardianship Association, and professionals with extensive experience in the fields of geriatrics, disability, mental health, Medicare, Medicaid and other public benefits. We can design an individualized care plan and help create a comfortable, healthy, and safe environment for your loved one.

Our staff includes registered guardians with the National Guardianship Association and they are bound by their Pledge of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Sometimes, there is no family, or perhaps the burden is too great for the family. Our experience makes us highly qualified to serve as guardians of the person and estate.

Review the Is a Guardian Needed page to help ascertain whether a guardian is warranted.

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